The Luupe is a new platform for creating bespoke image and video collections. This community of professional women photographers creates content that resonates with audiences to meet the overwhelming demand for fresh, high-quality marketing content.
For The Luupe, I advised founder Keren Sachs on various aspects of strategy, brand positioning and business development as the company launched and rapidly grew their artist community. 
The rise of two-sided marketplaces for imagery has allowed marketers and content providers to better leverage networks of content producers at scale and speed. However, UGC suffers from a quality control issue and the current two-sided marketplaces have struggled to meet and manage the expectations of both producers and buyers.
 The Luupe is the only two-sided marketplace for creatives that features premium commercial artists, all veteran creatives with deep industry expertise. It's a window into the future of content production and a testament to the power of simple and effective models of content production.​​​​​​​