Sin Rummy is a brand new card game I designed, developed, crowdfunded + produced: a vicious twist on the all-time classic inspired by Gandhi's seven social sins.
The game itself is elegantly contained inside a gorgeous deck of the highest-quality playing cards, manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company.
The game features collage by artist James Gallagher, and graphic design by Tommy Sheehan
In 1925 the canon of Westminster Abbey gave a sermon on the '7 deadly social evils,' and the list was sent in a letter to Gandhi, who was so inspired that he published them in his newspaper:
"The same fair friend wants readers of Young India to know, if they do not already, the following seven social sins:
Naturally, the friend does not want the readers to know these things merely through the intellect but to know them through the heart so as to avoid them." -Mahatma Gandhi, Young India, October 22nd, 1925
Shortly before his assassination, Gandhi gave a copy of this list to his grandson, the peace activist Arun Gandhi, who has since added an additional social sin: Rights without Responsibilities.
Sin Rummy follows the rules of Rummy, with a simple exception.
Before each round starts, each player is dealt one 'social sin' card face up on the table. This card changes the rules for only the player that has it, for the entirety of that round. Then play proceeds with whatever variant of Rummy you prefer.
That’s it.