Anna Williams
RemindCone is a tool for reclaiming attention.
First, set a mental 
Start simple. 
It doesn't have to be a mantra. Maybe just something you want to call to mind more often. 
A friend of mine chose 'remember to hug my kids more.'  Another friend chose 'pray.'
My personal reminder is to 'just breathe.'
Go ahead, pick your reminder.
The reminder 
is now a 
traffic cone. 
The next time you see a traffic cone, you will be reminded of whatever you chose.
Every time I see a cone I'm reminded to 'just breathe.'
Sometimes I change it up. 'Feel gratitude' or 'look at the sky' or 'stop being so hard on myself.'
Traffic cones have become an instrument of peace and I see them everywhere.

Our attention is under siege: every waking moment of every day has been subdivided into individual units of attention that are bid on by corporations, pulling and shaping our attention for their own purposes. 
I struggle with my own desire to consume content, but I've finally realized that it's not a moral failing. Someone said it better than me: "Human psychology is incapable of handling how adept we've become at manipulating human psychology." It's not my fault that technology has become so powerful.
So I wanted to make a tool for taking some of that attention back. A small step back to a mental place where *I* allowed myself to be. 
The cone is a natural symbol for attention. It's brightly-colored, stands tall and humbly requests us to pay attention for our own benefit. No matter how dirty or beaten-up, no matter the weather, cones are a  sign pointing us in the right direction.
I started taking pictures of cones 10 years ago and sharing them on social media. For no real purpose other than I thought they were funny and strangely powerful. Soon, people I know told me 'every time I see a cone I think of you.' These days I receive several pictures every week, sometimes from people I haven't seen in years. 
Finally I am sharing this mental tool and I hope you are able to use it remind yourself of something positive that will unexpectedly pop up - tall and orange - throughout the day to reinforce itself through the simple practice of mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is like that—it is the miracle which can call back in a flash our dispersed mind and restore it to wholeness so that we can live each minute of life.” -Thich Nhat Hanh