During the design phase of a new Preemie line, Pampers declined to assign any new shoots for newborn imagery due to the difficulties of casting and strict legal requirements for newborn talent on set.
Given the constraints, I designed and sold in to P+G management an innovative workflow to source newborn imagery: research, contact and negotiate terms of engagement with a newborn photography agency to access their library of millions of images. Part of this process including developing a new approach to rights management to satisfy the needs of P+G while still remaining viable for existing agency/hospital contracts.
Going beyond the image library, I designed a workflow to commission and license user-generated content. As
an example: after briefing the photography network on the brand’s visual narrative, and only 4 days after
forwarding a request from the regional design manager for 'newborn fingers and toes,’ the team had over
30 high-quality selects to choose from.
This constant stream of images allowed Pampers to quickly and efficiently source newborn images at a fraction of the cost of producing a shoot, and gave the agency a recurring stream of revenue for managing the process and partnership.