This spot was really energizing for me as a creative and I feel like it embodied my inner drive these last few months. It's an easy trope, calling these days 'times of uncertainty" but what is hard, and what we need most, are people like the ones featured in this video to lead, to move the conversation forward. We ARE going to get out of this together, through hope and hard work. I love that.  -Mason

From director Erik Candiani:
"I think this is my favorite spot that we've done for quite a while...
We've all been asking "what's next?" and have seen SO many spots focusing on the more sentimental side of things: "We're opening"... "Uncertain Times"... that are generally the safe message both inside and outside of our industry.
So, I felt it was time to push forward with a little attitude while acknowledging what many are feeling right now. To drive folks to rise up out of this -- unified and positive. It's a dramatically different tone than what we've done over the past couple months, but also a leap ahead of where and how others are marketing it now. A bit of chance? Yes.
BTW, just before the Virginia Strong hit in the middle, that's the Mayor AND Governor (who says our current slogan)."

Written and Directed by: Erik Candiani
Produced and edited by: Mason Adams
Graphics: Rob Edmonds
Camera: Terrell ThompsonMichael S. CrouchMason Adams, Rob Edmonds & Erik Candiani