Not the words you typically use to describe a night out at the symphony.
But why not? The pleasurable anticipation of a musical crescendo—and the intensity of its eventual peak—can produce just as much dopamine as we receive during orgasm.
That’s why we took inspiration from the deed itself to help audiences reimagine the experience of an evening with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO).
“The symphony is more than just music. It’s a sensual experience that spans the entire evening—a classic story of anticipation, ritual and romance,” said Kristi Murnahan, LPK Verbal creative director.
“We wanted to capture the intimacy of the experience and connect it with younger audiences,” explained Mason Adams, creative director for LPK’s Visual Media team. “So we thought, what better way to seduce them?”
“LPK really captured the passion and excitement of the entire experience, and pushed our brand in a new direction while staying true to our promise,” said Sherri Prentiss, vice president of marketing for the CSO. “It’s sensual yet refined, much like the music itself. And it’s a universal story that resonates with lovers of all ages, races and cultures.”