This short video I directed tells the story not just of great volunteer project, but of the potential for simple design choices to make a measurable impact on the lives of those who need it most. The video was filmed and edited by Josh Bray.
“Clinical health spaces change the way you listen to advice from your doctor,” says Ryan Mulligan, director of special projects at Cradle Cincinnati. “But at the WIC, the space didn’t reflect how we felt and treated our patients—that we care for them and we feel for them. We really needed that to better our patients’ outcomes and make a difference in their lives.”
Cradle Cincinnati partnered with a multidisciplinary team from LPK to revamp the facility from the inside out, reimagining the space’s aesthetic to echo the deep level of care the office of Women, Infants and Children provides. From color palette to floor plan, the team envisioned a center where women felt more like people and less like patient names waiting to be called.
“We’re designing for human beings, not medical charts,” explains Brittany Alvey, senior designer.