Aruna Partnership is a small 501(c)(3) with a big impact. For over 20 years we have partnered with Shanthimalai Trust in South India to offer quality education to children in need, support for women's development, professional training, medical care, marketing of Fair Trade handcrafts, and financial aid for those in crisis. Our long-term commitment has focused on working with villagers to create programs that become independent and self-sustaining. Because Aruna Partnership is run entirely by volunteers, 100% of donations to our programs go directly to those in need in India.
Each summer I help to produce a calendar for the following year - we travel around to different villages in Tamil Nadu and photograph and interview widows supported by the trust. As a project, it's a beautiful and fulfilling way to bring awareness and funding to the various programs supporting women's issues in the region. All of the images here were photographed by Anna Williams, with interviews by journalist Stefan Mehr.